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ID Tools
Forsaken - Fake ID generator Generate a random character for games, novels, or alter ego avatars of yourself, complete with working e-mail, real address, SSN, vcard, and much more.
Discard Verifies and generates Credit Card numbers.
Generate and Look up Credit Card BIN codes Verifies and generates Credit Card numbers.
US SSN / Driver License / State ID / Tax ID Generator Generates US SSN, Driver License, State ID, and Tax ID.
US Car License Plates Generator Generates US Car License Plates, including state slogans.
PW-Gen A hardly predictable password generator, for safe passwords.

More Tools

BrowsInfo - Check your anonymity and browser traceability online This page shows all the information is possible to collect about the Browser, the System, the Document (and the User himself...) during an Internet session.
Bookmarklets - Power up your Browser Add new features to your browser with these free bookmarklets.
RND Gen Random Numbers Generator: you can choose range, distribution, and allowed numbers.
UniqID - Unique ID / UUID / GUID Generator Generates unique identifier numbers: UUID (Universally Unique IDentifier), GUID (Globally Unique IDentifier), or Unique ID.
Lotto Gen Lottery Numbers Generator: generate your lucky numbers randomly or get your personal lucky numbers for today for the richest and most popular lotteries in the world.
Bulk EAN codes Generator and Validator for books (ISBN), magazines (ISSN), music (ISMN), and other items Generate a sequence of up to 1000 valid EAN / ISBN / ISSN / ISMN codes from a given base pattern.
Code Cracker A tool that can help to crack many classic encryption codes (developed before than the XX century). In some cases is able to crack the code by itself trying all the possible combinations.
Th mz You CaN NoW eaSiLY WRiTe LiKe a ReaL LaMeR ( $ fk T H...). Includes a delamerizer.
The Buzzword Generator   en
The Buzzword Generator   de
Impress newbies with the marketoid jargon.
URLencoded HTML decoder/encoder Decodes and Encodes URLencoded HTML
Long IP converter Converts Long (undotted, dotless) IPs in Short IPs and viceversa.
Number Base Converter Easily convert a number from a base to another.
Euro Converter Convert Euros from and to old local European currencies.
Eyedropper Color Picker Pick any color and get its value as RGB Hexadecimal, RGB Decimal, HSL, HSV, CMYK.
Project Prometheus An experimental chatting bot.

The Secret Rooms

Businer's Secret Rooms Businer's web tools on the TOR Network (the so called "Dark Web").