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Information about the Unique ID Generator

This tool generates information from algorithms, it does not produce actual issued documents nor facsimiles, specimen or samples of real documents.

This tool generates unique identifier numbers: a UUID (Universally Unique IDentifier), GUID (Globally Unique IDentifier), or Unique ID, is a 128-bit number used to identify uniquely information or resources. There are 2^128 = 340'282'366'920'938'463'463'374'607'431'768'211'456 possible unique identifiers. If you would generate 1 billion of Unique IDs per second, it would take about 781'904'565'217 times the current age of the Universe (which is about 13.8 billion years) to get them all. While the probability that a UUID will be duplicated is not zero, it is so close to zero as to be negligible so that anyone can create a UUID and use it to identify something with near certainty that the identifier does not duplicate one that has already been, or will be, created to identify something else. Information labeled with UUIDs by independent parties can therefore be later combined into a single database, or transmitted on the same channel, without needing to resolve conflicts between identifiers. Usage of UUIDs on the Internet is described in RFC 4122 (July 2005).

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